7/29/2017  Is it RIGHT for the Slave state of Florida for its SLAVE-LORD lawyers to SELL a Citizens PRIVATE papers to the LAWYER slave-lord state of TEXAS?  Tired of being SCREWED BY LAWYERS?

July 29,2017  Simple question for "your friendly lawyer or cop....."who authorized the state of Florida to sell a poor Citizens right to privacy to another state or another county, different city lawyer?

Dan Mulligan


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​Questions for your "sexual Garden Party" or ask your Priest, Preacher, rabbi or whatever? or for anyone who are snakes and want to force you to wear clothes....

Why did God allow Satan to live?
Why did God put fruit to temp in the Garden?
Was Eve attracted to the snake the Fruit or both?
After the sexy snakes Sinned it had to run on its belly according to first flirt in Bible
Did the snake or the serpent  want Eve to eat the fruit so he could have sex with her?
Why allow women to run around naked in the Garden and temp the dumb  Men  as Adam
Why help them to sew clothes was Adam like that dumb?
Did God make them sexy clothes or protective clothes
What was the temperature in the "Garden."
What is the best temperature for sex?
Why did it take 6 days to make the earth
Why did God need to rest after creating it?
  why not have sex after 6 days with naked Eve?
Why keep the 7th day holy?
Did the Jewish men have sex on the Sabbath or was that considered work?